Higher revision

Scottish context

Look over your notes and your revision poster/booklet to help you to memorise key quotations, techniques and themes for Carol Ann Duffy’s poems.

You should also look at the Duffy related resources on this blog: especially the model answers on ‘Valentine’ and the advice on how to structure the final comparison question.

BBC bitesize is also very useful



Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

Complete the past papers that are available on the SQA website under timed conditions


You should also read and make notes on quality comment and opinion pieces of journalism. Use these three prompts to help you:

  1. Summarise the passage in your own words. Pay particular attention to understanding and explaining key ideas
  2. Identify at least three effective uses of language: identify the technique, quote and explain the impact
  3. Write a response to the article. How successful was the writer in communicating their point of view?

Critical Essay

Read over your revision booklet. Make sure you have internalised enough multi-purpose quotations to use for a variety of questions

Practise writing critical essays to different essay questions (past papers available via the link above)





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